Stuffed Mushrooms - 7.99
Mushrooms stuffed with sausage and mix cheese blend

Stuffed Peppers - 9.99
Fresh garden banana peppers stuffed with sausage and mozzarella cheese, topped with our homemade marinara.

Hush Puppies - 6.99
Homemade and golden brown, these hush puppies pair perfectly with your option of our comeback sauce or ketchup.

Fried Green Tomatoes - 9.99
Freshly fried green tomatoes served over a bed of arugula. Enjoy these with our homemade peach chutney and comeback sauce.

Pepperoni Rolls - 7.99
Our homemade West Virginian classic! Deep fried and stuffed with pepperoni sticks and hot pepper cheese. Dunk them in your choice of our homemade ranch, Bleu cheese, or marinara.

Riblets - 8.99
Juicy Smoked Riblets. Pick your favorite signature sauce Honey BBQ, Hot BBQ, Cider BBQ.

Dinner Roll Basket - 3.99
Unlimited refills and served with butter

Dinner Entrees - All entrees served with a seasonal side and a side of your choice. Substitute seasonal side for 1.49. Add cup of coup for 3.49. Add Shrimp Skewer for 5.29

Catfish - 12.99
Your choice of grilled or fried. Pair it with one of our signature sauces! Peach Chutney, Lemon Butter, or Cajun Mushroom.

Trout - 14.99
Your choice of grilled or fried. Pair it with one of our signature sauces! Peach Chutney, lemon Butter or Cajun Mushroom.

Shrimp N Sausage Gumbo - 13.99
A flavor packed homemade gumbo mixed served with shrimp and sausage, topped with rice and one additional side of your choice.

Beef Tips - 13.99
Tender beef tips served over our homemade mashed potatoes and gravy and one additional side of your choice.

Cabbage Rolls - 12.99
Grandma’s homemade cabbage rolls! Fresh cabbage stuffed with beef and topped with a homemade red sauce.

Smoked Brisket - 16.99
Slow smoked brisket with our signature rub served with our bacon onion marmalade.

BBQ Pork Ribs - 21.00
Smoked Baby Back Ribs on our onsite smoker with our signature rub.

Fried Half Chicken - 12.99
Smoked and then fried! Pair with your favorite sauce. Hot or mild buffalo sauce, BBQ, Ranch or honey mustard.

Smothered Half Chicken - 12.99
Smoked and then grilled chicken covered with mozzarella cheese, onion, peppers, and mushrooms.

Jerk Half Chicken - 13.99
Smoked and then grilled chicken coated in our jerk seasoning.

Apricot Half Chicken - 12.99
Smoked and then grilled chicken covered in an apricot glaze.

Cajun Pasta - 10.99
Penne pasta with pepperoni, red pepper, green pepper, mushroom, served with either a creamy garlic or marinara sauce of your choosing and one additional side.

ADD ON: Steak 5.00, Chicken 3.00, Brisket 4.00, Shrimp 4.00, Pulled Pork 3.00


House Salad - 8.99
Our house mix topped with fresh tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, green peppers, and banana peppers.

Watermelon Salad - 9.99
Fresh watermelon, feta cheese, and sunflower seeds, served over a bed of arugula and finished with a balsamic glaze.

Antipasto Salad - 12.99
Our house mix topped with a meat roll up, tomatoes, onions, green peppers, banana peppers, and cucumbers.

Wedge Salad - 9.99
A thick cut of iceberg lettuce topped with pulled pork, sliced tomatoes, bacon, pickled onions, and served with our homemade bleu cheese dressing.

Pear and Goat Cheese Salad - 8.99
Spring mix topped with fresh pears, candied pecans, goat cheese, and finished with a raspberry vinaigrette.

ADD TO ANY SALAD: Steak 5.00, Chicken 3.00, Brisket 4.00, Shrimp 4.00, Pulled Pork 3.00, Fried Green Tomatoes 2.50, Fries 1.50, Bacon 1.00

Dressing - Bleu Cheese, Ranch, French, Honey Mustard, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Raspberry Vinaigrette, Signature House

Soup - 3.49 Cup 5.99 Bowl

Smoked Meat Chili -
Traditional chili filled with beans, peppers, onions, and an assortment of deliciously smoked meats.

Soup Du Jour -
Ask your server about our soup du jour!


6 for 6.99
12 for 12.99
25 for 21.99

Sauces: Fiery, Hot, Medium, Mild, Honey BBQ, Hot BBQ, Garlic parm, Hot Garlic Parm, Zesty Ranch, Honey Mustard, Sweet Chili, Bottom of the Jar, Steve's Special

Jar Rubs: Ranch, Chesapeake Bay, Italian Parm, Cajun

Fountain Drinks (free refills) - 2.99

Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Sierra Mist, Root Beer, Dr. Pepper, Orange Crush, Lemonade, Sweet Tea, Unsweetened Tea, Ginger Ale, Coffee, Orange Juice, Cranberry Juice, Pineapple Juice, Apple Juice

Specialty Beverages - 3.99

Peach Tea, Blackberry Tea, Blackberry Lemonade, Peach Lemonade

Burgers/Sandwiches - served with your choice of home cut fries, coleslaw, mac n cheese, house salad

Bacon Cheeseburger - 10.99
Bacon, american cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion.

Farmhouse Burger - 10.99
Bacon, fried egg, american cheese, onions, peppers.

BYO Burger -
Build your own burger!

Mac Attack Burger - 10.99
Bacon, mac n' cheese and grilled onion.

Black and Bleu Burger - 10.99
Blackened seasoning, lettuce, tomato and onion topped with bleu cheese.

Pulled Pork Sandwich - 9.99
Served with Jicama slaw mix, pickle and onion

Texas Steak Sandwich - 11.99
Tenderloin Steak, Bacon, Onions, Mushrooms, Green Peppers, Swiss, Pickles, Mayo

Brisket Sandwich - 10.99
Smoked Brisket with our Jicama slaw mix, banana peppers and homemade Honey BBQ Sauce

Lunch Menu Served until 4. served with home cut fries, coleslaw, mac n cheese, house salad

Shrimp Po Boy - 9.99
Shrimp, Tomato, Slaw, Pickle, served with comeback sauce and mild wing sauce on a French Roll.

BL Fried T - 8.99
Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, Mayo on Texas Toast.

Fried Catfish Sandwich - 10.99
Fried Catfish, Slaw, Tomato, served with comeback sauce on a French Roll.

Fried Chicken Bowl - 9.99
Fried Chicken with mashed potatoes, corn, gravy, and biscuit.

Kids Menu - Served with your choice of side

Beef Tips - 5.99

Chicken Tenders - 5.99

Grilled Chicken - 5.99

Kids Cheeseburger - 5.99

Mac n Cheese - 5.99

Riblets - 5.99

Sides 2.99

Mashed Potatoes, Home Cut Fries, Slaw, Smoked Mac n Cheese, Spicy Braised Collard Greens, Grilled Corn on the Cob, Citrus Rice, Brussels Sprouts, Biscuits, Small House Salad


An Old Fashioned Southern Chocolate Cake 6.00

Pecan Pie with Maple Drizzle 6.00

Sweet Potato Pie 6.00

Blueberry Cobbler 6.00

Mason Jar Homemade Cheesecake 7.99
Blueberry, Peach, or Chocolate Sauce

Scoop of Ice Cream 1.00

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